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Please read all information before filling out the USD 220 Volunteer Application.

Click on the link below to fill out the online volunteer form:
USD 220 Volunteer Application

All volunteer candidates with USD 220 are subject to a criminal history check. Prior criminal records may or may not result in disqualification for volunteering; however, failure to disclose this information will disqualify you for volunteering.

Information that must be disclosed includes any offense that occurred whether as a juvenile or adult; therefore all adult and juvenile offenses must be listed. An applicant’s criminal history includes any offense for which the applicant posted bail; entered a pre-trial diversion program, pre-trial intervention program, teen or drug court or juvenile program; had adjudication withheld, was convicted or found guilty; was placed on probation; pled guilty or no contest; was jailed or imprisoned; or appeared in court; as a juvenile or adult. Note: DUI and reckless driving are criminal offenses. 

WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO VOLUNTEER - Felony charges/convictions

Any criminal act committed in another state or under federal law, which if committed in this state, constitutes an offense prohibited under any statute listed above. Any delinquent act committed in this state or any delinquent or criminal act committed in another state or under federal law which, if committed in this state, qualifies an individual for inclusion on the Registered Juvenile Sex Offender

When criminal charges appear in an applicant’s background, the district requires specific documents to best clarify any record(s). Those applying to volunteer have the burden of providing court documents and setting forth in writing, a personal statement from your perspective explaining all circumstances surrounding any criminal incident.

1) Copies of official documentation for every charge that appears in your criminal history:
• Arrest affidavit - (available from the records department of the law enforcement agency that levied the charge).
• Final court disposition - (available from the records department of the clerk of the court for the county in which the charge was levied).
• Probation and/or Pretrial Diversion final court document(s) with proof of completion or termination.
• A copy of all active court ordered injunctions.

2) Your personal statement must include the following information:
• Your name, address and phone number
• Information explaining every charge that appears in your criminal history
• The time period that has elapsed since the incident • Personal history since the incident
• The nature of the harm caused to any victim
• Clear and convincing evidence of rehabilitation
• Type of volunteering requested
• Parent or non-parent

 If an individual wishes to appeal their volunteer status, they may submit new supporting documentation and information that has not previously been reviewed. Appeals cannot be reviewed until ALL documents listed above and new supporting documentation has been submitted to the Superintendent of Schools.
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